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Machine Doctor™ Machine Doctor™

Nanoprecise has created a "unique" patent-pending solution (hardware + software) that combines physics, material science, and data analytics to diagnose issues with physical assets such as machinery and predicts the "Remaining Time to Failure."

  • World's only wireless sensor that can measure vibration, acoustic emission, surface temperature, magnetic flux, RPM, and humidity all from just 1 sensor
  • On the cloud, two basic things are performed by artificial intelligence-based algorithms:
  • Fault Characterization: Detects bearings, shaft, gears vanes and other structural faults with more than 95% accuracy
  •  Remaining Useful Life Prediction: Predict the remaining time to failure
  • Summary of real-time computations of the data from the sensor is available 24 by 7 on a dashboard which gives the summary of the health of the machine, operational performance site.

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