Metal Replacement: Grivory GV


The materials in this product range are based on semi-crystalline polyamides with partially aromatic content. Grivory GV is supplied as in granulate form for further processing in injection-moulding or extrusion processes using conventional, commercially-available equipment and moulds.

Grivory is used in the manufacture of technical components which are characterised by:

  • high levels of stiffness and strength
  • little change in property values after absorption of moisture
  • low dampness and water absorption
  • good dimensional stability and low warpage
  • good chemical resistance, typical of polyamides
  • good surface quality
  • efficient and economical production

The following Grivory G grades are available:

Grivory GV: reinforced with glass fibers, very stiff
Grivory GVX: highest stiffness and strength values with very low warpage
Grivory GM: reinforced with mineral, low warpage
Grivory GVN: reinforced with glass fibers, impact resistant
Grivory GC: reinforced with carbon, very stiff
Grivory G4V: reinforced with glass fibers, good surface quality
Grivory GVS: reinforced with glass fibers, very good flow properties
Grivory GV FWA:

reinforced with glass fibers, for contact with foodstuff and drinking water


These grades are also available in a range of different modifications, which vary in terms of the concentration of the reinforcing agents used, the stabilisers and the processing aids.

Grivory FWA products are physiologically harmless and are also used in sensitive application areas with direct contact to drinking water and foodstuffs.


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