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IRISS is the global leader in Safety & Reliability solutions for asset monitoring, inspection, and management, for the electrical maintenance industry.

The reliability of electrical power creation and distribution must be continually safeguarded and improved. This does not happen by chance or through reactionary-maintenance tasks, and it must be focused on from the early design stages and continue through the life of the assets tasked with these functions. Using the IRISS Ecosystem to adopt a “Monitor, Inspect, & Manage” program is the proactive way to maximizing the value and cost of both your workforce and assets.

Not only does IRISS engineer and manufacture the best in reliability solutions, but our production facility also has the capability to deliver a variety of custom designs and finished products. From 3-D design and printing to engineering and manufacturing, we offer OEMS and other levels of clientele cost-effective solutions to meet their specific needs. Whether you are in need of specific components such as switchgear covers and MCC casings, or complete products, IRISS has the capability to provide for your manufacturing needs.


IRISS Global Headquarters
10306 Technology Terr
United States


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  • A standard and systematic approach to data collection is essential to establishing a repeatable and reproducible condition-based monitoring program. VP-12-US standardizes the location and method for a ...
  • The Sonus PD Pro is specifically designed for Partial Discharge (PD) and Airborne Emission (AE) detection on Medium and High Voltage Switchgear. The unit detects Transient Earth Voltage (TEV) signals ...
  • The ThermoSpot™ series are self-adhesive, surface temperature monitoring labels for plugs, adaptors, and extension sockets. Using a patented Thermochromic technology, these easily-installed labels pro ...
  • The ThermoSpot-B™ series are self-adhesive, surface temperature monitoring labels for use on busbars and other electrical equipment. Using a patented thermochromic technology, these easily-installed l ...
  • The ThermoWrap™ series are self-adhesive, hot-connection cable wraps that provide elevated temperature indication to the naked eye. These calibrated, temperature-activation strips provide 24/7 monitor ...
  • The Thermo Clip™ Series serve as overtemperature indicators for electrical assets.
  • Infrared Inspection Windows are an Electrical Maintenance Safety Device that allows a safer method of monitoring and inspecting critical electrical assets. 

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