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Technology. Training. Tools. Resources. UE Systems is the world leader in providing ultrasound instruments & training solutions for predictive maintenance, reliability, condition monitoring and energy saving programs. We assist companies worldwide implementing ultrasound technology in their maintenance & reliability best practices, by providing the right inspection instruments, the right training, license-free software and continuous support.


U.E Systems Europe
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  • - Optimize your lubrication program - Record all lubrication data - Create lubrication routes - Trend bearing condition - SD card compatible - Free DMS software for trending & routes Manage your lubri ...
  • Ultraprobe 201 Grease Caddy - Optimize your lubrication program to pro-actively avoid early bearing failures.
  • Ultraprobe 15000 - The most elaborate & efficient ultrasound data collection, inspection & analysis instrument available today.
  • Ultraprobe 10000 – One of the worlds’ most advanced digital ultrasonic detection systems  
  • Ultraprobe 9000 - Expand your inspection capabilities with digital ultrasound technology
  • Ultraprobe 3000 - The digital energy conservation tool that fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Ultraprobe 2000 ATEX - The industry’s most comprehensive analog ultrasound instrument with ATEX rating
  • Ultraprobe 100 - Easy to use ultrasonic leak detector & valve tester for energy, time & money savings.
  • Bearing condition monitoring & lubrication: Ultrasound provides an early warning of bearing or lubrication failure.  
  • Ultrasound inspection can be performed at all voltage levels (low, medium, and high) and is used to detect: - Corona - Partial discharge or tracking - Arcing - Mechanical vibrations (transformers)
  • Ultrasonic technology can be used to inspect the condition of valves and steam, gas, or hydraulic systems.
  • It is important to maintain steam traps correctly: the consequences of faulty steam traps cannot be ignored. An Ultraprobe makes it easy to determine operating conditions while steam traps are online.
  • Ultrasound leak detection covers a wide range of leaks: pressure, vacuum and any type of gas. In many facilities Ultrasound tools are used for safety, environmental, and energy conservation programs.

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