Live Challenge

The Great Egg Race was an exciting live challenge which took place over both days of Manufacturing Expo 2022 at The NEC in Birmingham.

Inspired by the TV show of the same name, people competed to build gadgets to propel an uncooked egg over a wall into a tractor trailer. A compere hosted the challenge with winners presented with prizes onsite.


The Story

Every day, Farmer Gill has taken high quality eggs laid by her hens and put them into the trailer of her tractor ready to take to the market. Recognised as the tastiest in the county, Farmer Gill’s eggs have always outsold those of her arch-rival Farmer Fiendish. However, one day, Farmer Gill came out of the henhouse to be confronted by a brick wall built overnight by Farmer Fiendish. By stopping poor Farmer Gill, Farmer Fiendish hopes to get to market first and steal all of her customers.

With no way to go around it, the only way for farmer Gill to get the eggs to her tractor is to find a way to safely transfer them over the wall and into the tractor trailer. Your challenge is to help her to develop a way of doing this, without breaking the egg and (most importantly) without missing the tractor trailer!


When does it run?

Day 1 - 8th June

Build and practise between 10.00-12.30

Team interviews and live competition 12.30-13.15

Day 1 Winner presented  13.15  

Day 2 - 9th June

Build and practise between 9.30-1200

Team interviews and live competition 12.00-12.45

Day 2 Winner presented  12.45

The challenge

To propel an uncooked egg using the equipment provided over a wall into the trailer of a ride on tractor. The egg must land in the tractor trailer, without breaking. 

On the first day, teams will be provided with a kit that will allow them to build a motorised solution. On the second day, the kit provided will include items that will allow them to shoot / propel the egg.

Equipment will include string, elastic bands, cotton reels, Gaffer tape, Paper card, Pens, electric motor, clothes peg.

A full list of equipment will be provided on the day.


The rules:

The egg must be propelled using the equipment provided. Teams may use some or all of the equipment to develop their solution. 

Teams must complete the challenge within a set period of time. Time will be allocated for preparation of the solution, after which each team will need to demonstrate their solution in action by successfully transferring the egg over the wall.

During the preparation period, teams will be given a set of hard-boiled eggs to practice with. The final challenge will use uncooked eggs. The eggs will all be of a similar size.

Each team will be given three attempts. The winner will be the one that delivers the most number of unbroken eggs into the tractor trailer.

Teams may NOT cross over the wall at any time. The egg must also not make contact with the wall.

A host will commentate, judge and also interview the teams during their preparation and also before and after they have completed the challenge

There is space for 5 teams per day. No more than 5 members per team.

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